Australia Based Artist, Photographer & Author

Avani Amore

Australia based artist, designer, photographer & author

Avani Amore is a passionate artist whose work is deeply rooted in nature's beauty and wonder.  As an artist, designer, and photographer who has traveled to many wild and not so wild places, she has absorbed the essence of diverse landscapes and cultures.

Avani's true passion lies in inspiring others to embrace an organic mindset – a harmonious blend of creativity, compassion, and authenticity.  She firmly believes that as humanity shifts from a mechanical way of thinking to an organic one, it will set the human soul free and usher in a reality filled with meaning and joy.  Avani's vision extends beyond human existence, as she envisions a world where all beings, including those with four legs, thrive in a more beautiful and compassionate environment.  Her art serves as a powerful catalyst for this transformation, inviting everyone to connect with nature and rediscover the inherent creativity within themselves.

avani amore