How Hypnotheraphy can transform your life


The Brain

compare the difference between a habit and doing something for the first time. A habit requires very little effort (if any) because your mind and your body have already repeated the same behavior many times. This is because the same pathways of neurons are fired every time you repeat a behavior and the corresponding connections grow stronger.

Phobias are an example of this process at play. When panic becomes linked to a visual or auditory stimulus, the same feeling is triggered in the future whenever the mind determines (or even imagines) that same visual or auditory stimulus is present. A phobia can be of something more comprehensible, like spiders (arachnophobia) or heights (Acrophobia), or it can be a fear of something more irrational like fearing buttons (Koumpounophobia ), or a fear of open spaces (agoraphobia).

The reason the panic comes up is that the panic response became linked with the stimulus in the brain. “What fires together wires together.” 

It takes around 21 days to effect any change in the mental image.   eg it takes about 21 days for a patient who has had plastic surgery to get used to the new look.  the same for amputations….its takes about 21 days for the feeling of the leg or arm still being there.  21 days is the general time frame.  

Rapid Transformational Therapy works to change the thought processes which then become a new habit of being…. this then create new behaviours and new actions.