Minimalism is the opportunity to unburden yourself


Maybe the life you've always wanted is buried underneath all the stuff you believe you need

For whatever reason, life is designed to throw us plenty of challenges. Some small, some great and some too overwhelming to face. What we do with these challenges makes all the difference. We can either create a solution or be tempted by another distraction.

No matter what you think, we have a choice, we can either distract ourselves by over eating, over drinking, over partying, over spending, over consuming and being glued to our gadgets, or we can respond consciously to life and choose differently. Every time I unburden myself life seems to reshape itself to support me.

Most people assume they don't have a choice in life. But in fact we all do.

Most of us know that our childhood conditioning, the media and the Influencer's in our life have a great impact on how we do life. But we feel too overwhelmed to change things. We've all been influenced by the media and marketers that material wealth is the golden key to our success and happiness. But success means different things to different people.

Ever since we entered the workforce we've been accumulating stuff because that's a sign we are becoming more successful in life. The more years we are on the planet we accumulate more. To accommodate this stuff we have to have space and so the more stuff we have the more space we need. To pay the mortgage for the space we must work really hard and often sacrifice our well being, often our relationships and our passion and purpose.

Most of us have no idea what we really want. How can we, we are too busy in the rat race. Depending on which country you live in, the degree in which you participate in the rat race varies. Every culture has it's own expectations and obligations. Not so with some species. In all the years I've been in Africa photographing wildlife, in particular Lions, they have mastered the art of being. Life is simple, they know who they are and what they are doing from moment to moment. They happily unburden themselves of every bit of stress. They are fierce when they need to be and yet they are peaceful and chilled when they want to be. They clearly embrace minimalism. Who better to teach us than the experts.

I've personally been inspired by creatures great and small when it comes to living a wholesome and authentic life.

In Zimbabwe where I lived and worked for a time the local people had virtually nothing material, they lived in tin sheds or huts, had no TV or refrigerator because they had no electricity and yet they had something most of us lack, time and happiness. They don't have the burdens we have in the west. Most of us experience overwhelming pressure and a serious lack of time to be.

So what do we do to unburden our self and actually live according to our true nature?

De-clutter your home and your life

How I now see it is this; minimalism is about letting go of the meaningless to reveal the meaningful. We can only reveal what truly matters when we clear the deck, otherwise we stay stuck in being busy trying to figure out how to be happy.

From my experience of de-cluttering one needs to start with home, and then life. It's easy to forget what life was like without so much stuff to take care of, to insure, to protect, to maintain or to think about. There has been a number of people I've spoken with who have opted out of the rat race, sold or gave away everything material except what was essential to their happiness and they felt lighter and more joyful. When we can unburden ourselves we can start to enjoy life, to actually smell the roses. It's far easier to find out what we really want in life when the clutter is gone and our mind chatter is less.

A wild Lion is only concerned with the essentials that make life as they want it to be. A lion in a zoo or in a confined space is a different matter, they are unfortunately burdened with the stress of captivity. Being burdened in life is a form of captivity for us.

Extraordinary things happen just outside our comfort zone

Minimalism is not just a fad, its a real solution to our modern day dilemma. The idea of Unburdening one self is spreading across the globe. What stirs our need to let go is reaching the point where life no longer has meaning and we have no idea what we really.

A Lion has the natural desire to stretch themselves beyond their comfort zone. It's inherent. They do it every day in the wild. Witnessing them inspires a sense of personal freedom. I believe people have forgotten their basic and natural need to grow and unknowingly surrendered to a typical ordinary life. Stretching our self beyond our comfort zone brings meaning to our life and helps us connect with who we really are. A Lion's life is constantly changing and they are forever evolving. That is what brings meaning to our life, not the material wealth we have accumulated. Happiness is always present but often clouded by the illusion of material success and security. When we stretch beyond our comfort zone we often discover new opportunities. The opportunity to get to know who you really are and what really matters.

Embracing minimalism gives you the opportunity to live according to your true nature.

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