Choosing yourself and living authentically

choose yourself

“To thine own self be true,” says Polonius in Hamlet

New year's resolutions are often about changing our life on the outside; our job, our health, our weight, our finances, our home and our relationships.  But the most life changing choice you can make is to be absolutely honest with yourself.   What do you really want.  And quite honestly you won't know that until you focus on yourself.   It's not what you do in life, it's recognising who you really are, knowing that gives you clarity about what will make you happy deep within.  If you look back on your life and identify the points where you were really happy and look at what was happening and what you were experiencing.   Focus particularly on those times when you felt ‘in the zone'.  This will give you solid clues.

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Minimalism is the opportunity to unburden yourself


Maybe the life you've always wanted is buried underneath all the stuff you believe you need

For whatever reason, life is designed to throw us plenty of challenges. Some small, some great and some too overwhelming to face. What we do with these challenges makes all the difference. We can either create a solution or be tempted by another distraction.

No matter what you think, we have a choice, we can either distract ourselves by over eating, over drinking, over partying, over spending, over consuming and being glued to our gadgets, or we can respond consciously to life and choose differently. Every time I unburden myself life seems to reshape itself to support me.

Most people assume they don't have a choice in life. But in fact we all do.

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Zambia: The Valley of the Leopards

south luangwa zambia

In 2013 I spent 4 month in Zambia, and that is where I discovered nestled within in the valley of the South Luangwa river, a magical place often referred to as the “Valley of the Leopard”. With only a few dirt roads that intrude upon the otherwise untouched wild it has become a sacred haven for Leopards. Read more

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Life Lessons from Cecil the Lion

wildlife photography

Being on a safari can be one of the most exhilarating experiences a person can have. Watching wild animals in the wilderness often ‘touches’ us deeply because it awakens our own primal instinct and this is what connects us with nature. However, when we identity with a particular animal like we have with Cecil the experience becomes a deeply meaningful one, we feel compassion and respect because the animal becomes a ‘someone’ and no longer a something. Read more

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What Ancient African Cultures teach us about nature

nature connection

From as far back as I can remember I've had a fascination with Ancient Cultures, particularly those that regarded consciousness and nature as one and the same. It was through nature people could connect with the spiritual aspects of life. In ancient times, honoring the consciousness of all life was simply a part of normal everyday life. There were rituals, honoring the nature gods, herbal and energy medicine, sacred healing rituals and rites, altered states of consciousness, honoring of the feminine, other dimensions, life beyond the physical, worshiping animals and even tapping into the energy forces of the universe. Nature was regarded as a gateway to the spiritual realm. Nature was also regarded as the feminine aspect of life. Read more


Inspirational Messages about Life from an Elephant

save the elephants

If you're an animal lover like me then you will easily appreciate that Elephants often give us inspirational messages.

I regard Elephants as equals, different and unique as we are. From my experiences in Africa I know without a shadow of a doubt that Elephants, in fact animals in general are way more clever than we are when it comes to living authentically. Let me give you an unusual example. I was in Zimbabwe visiting a ranch where they were breeding black Rhino. This was back in 2011. I was there gathering some photos of rhino and elephant. I spent two weeks with a small herd of Elephants who roamed freely across the ranch. I'd go out in mid morning and return in the mid afternoon with hundreds of images. I was also there to connect and get to know them as individuals.

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Conscious Travel inspires the imagination and changes your life

conscious travel

Conscious Travel is becoming a trend with people between the ages of 35 and 70. Traveling consciously brings a greater awareness that springs from the desire to learn, contribute and connect with self, nature and others. Conscious travel is about exploring with world from the perspective that we are intimately connected with all life. Traveling can change our lives for the better because it can take us beyond assumptions and reveal what truly matters. Traveling can be authentic, sacred and enchanting. Conscious Travel inspires the human spirit because it opens the world to us and sparks our imagination.

It's so much more than simply escaping our modern urban lives, it's about discovering who we really are, our environment and other people and communities. Conscious Travelers are aware of their personal needs and those of the destination. As Conscious Travelers we are acutely aware of our impact on the environment.

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Jane Goodall on What Truly Matters

jane goodall

Dr Jane Goodall is renowned for her courage to speak about what others do not and has the strength to act on things she believes in. What drives her is her conviction about her purpose. Jane Goodall is soulfully committed to her cause.

As you will see in the video she shares her wisdom from 80 years of living on purpose. She has never given up even though she has faced major hurdles in the effort to make a difference. She truly believes in her calling and has followed her inspiration all her life.

But how can we know what truly matters when we are bombarded by so many stories about what our life should look like and what we should need to be successful and happy?

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Nature is essential to our health and well being


Why is it when we take a walk in a forest we feel so peaceful and find it rejuvenating? In Japan there are doctors who prescribe forest walks as a way of healing and de-stressing. I've spent a lot of time in Africa in the bush and there's no other place I find more peaceful. In Africa its easy to connect with nature and re-kindle our heart.

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Important lessons from a unique Elephant in Africa

Wildlife Photography

Meet Nzou (pronounced Nazoo), she's 48 years old and she prefers to hang out with the buffalo herd she's adopted as her family. Nzou has lived in a conservation area in Zimbabwe since her parents were killed in the 1970s by poachers. She was originally placed with a Bull Elephant to keep her company but when the Bull died Nzou ended up joining the Buffalo instead. She became their Matriarch. Its highly unusual for Elephants to lead Buffalo, in fact unheard of! Nzou broke away from the status quo.

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